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shades of doom

*a song about people wearing sunglasses inside*



you walk through that door

this moment so slow, like you’re glowin frodo

but you dont know how to ‘YOLO’

you walk through that dooor

think you run the show, 

cause i cant see all your ‘ojo*’, ‘ooojoo’ kay 


shades inside a room..

can we get any cooler than you?


got shades inside the room,

can ya get a room outside this room,

cause ya making this feel like a shady tomb

ooh baby boomer 

iminate shades of doom,

gonna blow like mission impossible

so ya betta take that _____ outside the door

oh baby boom


shawty, when your heart is mine

i dont know what to do

i dont know what to do

i dont know what to do

i dont know what to do

but you’ll never wear these shades of doom


*ojo means eye in spanish, oso is bear. 

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If someone from the 19th century were to hear a particular dialogue (one that I just heard) I wonder what they’d think: 

Do the dishes DAN!”  Dad

Alright, lemme die really quick. It’ll take 2 minutes.” Dan

K, die really quick thenDad

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all senior citizens citizens should have life alert discreet fire power.

all senior citizens citizens should have life alert discreet fire power.

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law of non-contradiction

a definition straight from my professor in my Communications class: “Postmodernism: a critical perspective, saying that there is no universal truth, no single standard, and no natural order.” wait… so is that a universal truth?

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any college course that requires you to fill a shoebox with “meaningful objects” (COMM110 ACTIVITY) should be instantly taken off a college’s/state budget.

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ahh man

The Saiyans may use this super-moon to their advantage… in which case we all might get died.

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functions, straight from the horse’s mouth

the math teacher is from Russia (very heavy accent). this based on a true story:


f(x) = x^2 + 7(x-4)

g(x) = x/(x+4)


"today I will teach you the maths of my countary… put anything into the function ‘f’, put 3, 2, and 7. you can put in ‘ugly scary and then’, watch what happens when we do’”


       f(ugly scary and then) = (ugly scary and then)^2 + 7[(ugly scary and then) - 4]


"good. let’s find f(g(x)). g(x) is x/x+4.. now get amnesia and forget what g(x) is. did you forget? good. replace the x’s in function f with g like this”


       f(g(x)) = g^2 + 7(g-4)


"oh my! we have found cure for amnesia. plug-in what g is.”


        f(g(x)) = (x/x+4)^2 + 7([x/x+4]-4)


"okay, now let’s put in ugly scary and then again but for f(g(x)).”


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"thirty-nine" by Ben Kray. it’s:

mindful of every move, like a child with his toys he plays

he lines up the plastic men, all along the western front

prepare for a battle that you’ll never win

it’s in his mind, it’s in his head, you’d never guess the time.


here’s how his world spins around

imaginary, in all its fleeting glory.

commanding officer with medals of ribbon and gold

his friends greet him, half-smile and a hearty hello

do you care to join? sorry your levels too low

it’s in his mind, it’s in his head, he’s young but he’s thirty-nine.

he’s thirty-nine.

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simple maths on the casio data bank

"Does that calculator watch do accurate math?"

Give me some numbers.

"okay, how about ninety-nine."





what do you think that equals?

"one hundred and zero"

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